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Aug. 21st, 2007

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Mikey learned a new noise

I am finding it nearly impossible to update lately. Mike keeps me busy 24/7. And he has been supper cranky lately, but I think today we found out why. The past 3 days he has had bad gas, he farts a lot and it hurts him, well today around 2pm, he pooped and I mean POOPED! It was all the way up to his shoulder bones, he was covered in it. I had to give him a bath to clean him. Then when I took him out he got mad because he loves his baths now. He is in his bouncy seat right now and he is fussing but it’s because he is really tired and refuses to sleep. We where outside for over an hour and he just loves it out there. My sister Lori (the mother to the 4 kids we watched last week) brought Mikey over to gifts that she got at the mall of America, she got him Ty huggypup, it is a soft dog stuffed animal with a rattle in it and she got him a fisher price cement mixer, he was talking to that earlier. Oh and she also gave him a tigger book, a pooh book and a play telephone.

Three days ago Mikey discovered how to make a noise with his mouth/lips and he does it non stop now, it is very cute but he soaks his bibs fast by doing it.

We have to take him to Syracuse Monday for his reflux and I hope they weigh him and measure him. Well I have to call first thing Monday morning and his doctor doesn’t have to go to jury duty then we go but if she has to go then they reschedule.

I am liking my lap top but I am still learning new things on it. I need to call the phone company next week and see if we can get wireless here, that would be nice.

Mike is so busy in the garage, people just keep dropping of vehicles every day for him to work on and with his broken finger it’s hard to work on them but he is doing it. I think tonight he won’t be in till later, he wants to get as much done as he can. Mikey and I go out quite often and say hi and he plays with Mike for a little bit. Last night around 7pm Mikey was sleeping for about 5 minutes and he woke up SCREAMING very badly, I tried everything nothing was working, so I called Mike in and he tried we just couldn’t calm him down. Finally I took him his room laid him on his changing table and took all of his clothes off, he was still not happy, Mike kept playing a this singing bunny and pig that Mikey has and between them and us we finally got him calm after an hour. He loves having his toes played with.
My sister got her modular home yesterday, she can’t move in until May 11th though, she showed the inside to me today, it is really nice.

I can’t believe mothers day is in 2 weeks and 2 days. I have no idea what we are getting my mom, I am having a coffee mug mad with Mikey’s picture on it, it will be done May 9th, I am hoping it turns out. Okay I have to Mikey woke back up he sleep for a total of 10 minutes. Hope everyone is doing well and that they have a wonderful weekend. Oh and Mikey will be 20 weeks tomorrow, wow how time fly's. (When I was pregnant I swear weeks would never come and now they fly)

How do you get your baby to sleep?

Mikey’s rash is almost completely healed up now, that cream works fast. He is doing very well although he still does not want mommy and daddy to sleep at night. Last night I feed him at11pm, 4 oz and laid him on the pack n play, then at 1:30am, I got him up, changed his diaper and feed him another 4oz. Then I put him in his swing (we are trying to se if that will help his sleep) It didn’t work so well, nothing does he is up every 1 ½ hour to 2 hours, I just wish he would sleep for 4 hours. But we still love him and he makes the funniest faces and sounds they make you laugh.

I do not know what has gotten into my husband these past few days, he can’t keep his hands off from me, always hugging, kissing or holding onto me. He will be out working and come inside to hug me or something like that. Like today I was getting ready to go down town and before I left we made out. Not that I am complaining, I am loving it. Very loving and romantic. I now even have a hickie on my neck which I haven’t had one of those in years. I can’t wait till I am all healed up and can resume activity’s. A friend of mine who I want and see today told me it took her 8-10 weeks before she could have sex again and she has 3 kids and it was that long for each one.

Did anyone hear about the 3 month old baby boy who died? Apparently the mother left her 3 month and 3 year old son with her boyfriend of 2 months (he is not the father to either kid) The baby started crying, so he pick him up and just kept shaking him, then the baby stopped breathing and was turning blue, so he took him to the neighbors who was a nurse, CPR was preformed and 911 was called. The baby was air lifted to Albany in critical condition with no brain activity, he died yesterday. How could any one do such a horrible thing, that poor innocent baby did nothing to deserve that. All the boy got was manslaughter, he should be killed.

Anyways it has been a busy tiring day today. A show that we watch (Nashville Star) premieres tonight at 10pm, I can’t wait. Well I guess I am going to go and check on Mikey he is sleeping right now.

We got snow, yuck

I woke up yesterday morning to discover a foot of snow on the ground, school was on a 2 hour delay. But Mikey had a doctors appt. and I didn’t want to cancel. Mike wanted me to but it started looking better out so he said go ahead and go. So while I got me and Mikey ready Mike cleaned my jeep off and got it warm and off we went (my mom went with me because Mike needed to start working again) So as we were about ½ hour away from home and ½ hour away from the doctors and started snowing like crazy and windy, so I told my self I would drive for 10 more minutes and if it was still bad we where coming home. Well it got complete better, they had no snow in Carthage (where the doctors is). I ended up being 15 minutes late but I called them before I left home and told them I would be a little late. Anyways they called us in and weighed and looked at Mikey. He now weighs 8lbs 9 1/2oz and was one month old yesterday at birth he weighed 7lb 5 3/4oz so he is gaining. Anyways they gave me a prescription for this good stuff for a rash because his is spreading. So then we left, I called Mike told him about his appt. and asked how the weather was, he said it was snowing really bad but since it was nice in Carthage I could go grocery shopping. But first we went to sub way for lunch, then to Aldi’s and then to wal-mart and then we came home. Then after I put all the groceries away, got Mikey to sleep I made supper. Then around 8pm we decided to go to Mike’s brothers house. While we where there I fixed their computer for them. Well we where there till midnight, came home and I changed Mikey, feed him and out him to bed. Meanwhile my husband was being really romantic and I was in the mood, we made out for quite awhile then Mikey woke up around 1:30am, so I took care of him and got him back to sleep and Mike and I continued and I thought it has been 31 days since I had Mikey, we should be able to have sex, well I was wrong. We no more then started and it hurt so we just made out. But I guess it was a good thing because we had no birth control. We had an awful night with Mikey though, he kept waking up, every ½ hour to 45 minutes, I even tried putting him into bed with us. Mike and I are both really tired this morning.

I really like this side of my husband he is being really romantic lately, I mean way more then before. I took a picture of Mikey put it in a boy picture frame (on my hallmark disk) and wrote Daddy’s little boy on the top, printed it and put it in a picture frame. Now I am working on one for me that will say Mommy’s little Angel, but I need another picture of him and he is asleep right now.

He is usually a happy baby in the morning, so I will lay him in his crib turn on his music toy and I hop in the shower. This morning he even let me start laundry, make our bed, get ready and vacuum before he got upset. Okay I need to go make lunch and bottles now, hope everyone has a good day.

Oh yes I was told my different people they would put baby cereal in their baby’s bottles to make them sleep longer, is this true and at what age?

Our Christmas

Finally Mikey is sleeping. I have been up all night with him, plus all day today. He was just cranky and did not want to go to sleep and he didn’t want anything either. I felt bad for him. And now that he is sleeping, I can get some things done. Mike told me to nap but there is way to much to be done. His hospital pictures finally came today in the mail, he has changed since his pictures where taken.

Yesterday we went to the city, Mike needed some things for the shop, we wanted to check on the aqua star hot water on demand heaters and get my vacuum cleaner. That was my other Christmas gift. It is really cool, sucks a lot better then my other one. So now I am waiting for Mike to take out all the Christmas decorations, so I can shampoo the carpets, I want to try out my new steam cleaner. It will be a bit before I try my new mixer because we have so much junk food right now, everyone baked for the holidays and shared with us. Last night around 10pm, I started packing up all the Christmas decorations, we bought two 30 galloon totes and I filled them and could of used another two.

Christmas went very well for us, it seemed nice having Mikey. He sat on my lap while we opened gifts and Kristi video cam it, so I will have to show him later on in life. He got lots of gifts and not just from us, from everyone. Kristi liked her gifts as well and so did everyone else. I now have two decent coats, my mom got me 2. I needed a new one, the one I had been wearing I have had for 4 years and it was old and getting holes in it everywhere.

My new year plan is to loose weight and a lot of it, I just hope I can. I plan on taking Mikey for lots of walks this summer.

Mikey is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He smiles quite often and makes the cutest faces. He is not a sleeper at night and Mike needs his sleep because he has to work to make money for us, so I am the one getting up with him every night. I am hoping he will sleep good for me tonight. He still can only wear one piece outfits, I tried and put pants on him today and they fall right off the poor little guy. I am also having this problem wear he keeps peeing all over him self, I can change him, put a diaper on as tight as it can without hurting him and he still manages to pee all over, so I am doing laundry everyday. Does anyone else have this problem with their son? I am also having trouble not finding time to cook meals for supper.
Okay that’s it for now, I have to go to the bathroom and Mikey will be waking soon I am sure. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I am board

So this afternoon after lunch, I started digging out some of my Christmas decorations that where in the house and putting them up. Not a lot cause most of my things are in the trailer box. But I did put out my new Tigger, Pooh and Eeyore sleigh that sings, Mr. & Mrs. Santa clause, they each rock and sing a song and my bear tea light candle holder. Everything so far has been put in the living room. I so can not wait to completely decorate, I love decorating for Christmas, my favorite holiday. Usually I decorate our coat room/computer room, it’s the room you walk into when you come inside our home and the living room gets it also. Sometimes I well hand lights and garland up in the bathroom and around the dinning room and kitchen. I did hand a Santa in Mikey’s room today. It’s a small stuffed one. After I got done, I decided I am tired and sore, so I went in our bedroom and laid on the sleeping pad and took a nap, all though the telephone kept ringing, but I think I managed to get a hour nap all together. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep until after 3am, I watched movie after movie. Around 2am my stomach was growling big time, so I ate a very small candy bar and that shut that up, then Shiloh wouldn’t move and I couldn’t get comfy, my back hurt and Mike started snoring. Well the snoring didn’t last long, I made him stop. So needless to say I did not get much sleep and I needed a nap today.

We also found out that Kristi is staying the night Monday night with us and will be here till Mike goes to work on Tuesday for her 18th birthday. I hope things go well, she hasn’t stayed with us since the end of 2002.

Tomorrow I am not sure what I am doing, I have my cousins first birthday party, but I don’t know if I want to go. I probably will but I guess I see how I feel in the morning, my niece’s got cancelled until next Saturday for now, I guess. And then Sunday I have one to go to at 3pm, as long as Mike is in the garage working then I will probably attend them both, but if he is not and wants to spend time with me, well then that’s what I will do.

Mikey has finally calmed down, these past 2 nights, he has kicked and kicked non stop for HOURS and HOURS! To the point where they hurt and where getting annoying. I mean I love feeling him move and knowing he is okay but after the 5th hour of a non stop movement, my insides where hurting. Anyways I really can’t wait to hold him and know everything is okay. But it will be a while I am afraid he is just not ready to enter this world.

Not much just bored

Last night was Mike’s work Christmas party, I no they forgot to book the Elk’s so they had to have it in January. So we got dresses up and went to it, hung out for a little while. The drinks where really expensive though, so we didn’t by many at that price. Had a good dinner and visited with friends. That morning we went and picked Kristi up, took her and showed her our camp, then we went to my father in laws house and he got to see Kristi. We stayed they for an hour or so and then we went to Jreck subs for lunch, yummy! After wards we shopped around, then came home. We played cards and things.

Today has been a crappy day outside, Mike has been working on the house and I have been cleaning, going through VCR tapes, old clothes, things we don’t use and things like that. Plus gave the dog a bath, which he did not want and jumped on me. Made a big mess, but now he is all white, fluffy and smells better now. Now I am cooking supper, pork steak, baked potatoes and corn. It seems like Saturday to me, since mike had yesterday off. But his mill shut down, 3 times a year it has to shut down. Tomorrow I am going to make a big breakfast, I think my parents are coming over. My mother in law came over today and checked out the work that Mike is doing, she really liked it.

It is very slipper out side, can’t hardly walk out to do anything. My mom went to Sears yesterday and got my curtains for the bedroom, we have 3 windows and that is not cheap, but Sears had a better price then Wal-Mart, shocked me but they did. Good news is Wal-Mart will be opening in my neck of the woods, only 25 miles from here on Monday, their grand opening is Wed. yeah. Before we would have to drive 50-60 miles to go to Wal-Mart, not no more. So excited. I am freezing right now, so I think I’m going to get off the computer and go warm up.

138 days

I was sick yesterday, but feeling a lot better today. I have been having headaches lately non stop, wake up with one, get it back by mid day and back again when I go to bed. Well yesterday morning at 6am I woke up with the worse migraine headache ever, Mike tried massaging my head nothing help, the smallest noise hurt like hell, I took tons of pain medicine nothing helped. By about noon I was vomiting, my stomach was upset because of the pain I was in. I did manage to finally fall asleep and later on that night, I was feeling some what better. That stunk really bad. Mike ended up taking the night off to help me, what anice loving husnad. He kept coming in checking on me and then he came in and laid next to me for a bit. And now he also has today off to put the ceiling up in our bedroom, he is coming quite far, all the paneling is up, wiring is done and steps are built. I can’t wait till it’s done. He had Monday and Tuesday. off last week and work and worked on it and then worked on it this past weekend.

The other night we had some really bad weather, strong winds, snow then rain, made everything icy. Winds so bad, it almost ripped my rabbit shed door off, so the bunnies got cold, but they are okay. It is still chilly here, but we managed to stay above zero last night, we had 2 degrees. It is still very icy out, I fell on my butt tonight going out to my car, almost slid right under it. I went downtown today and got another 50lb bag of rabbit food and a huge bag of shavings, I mix shavings with hay during the winter.

Their hasn’t really been much going on besides working on the new bedroom. I made some CD’s the other day, one for Kristi and 2 for Mike. Ruth and I did go for a walk Thursday the weather was 50 out, beautiful. I cleaned the house this morning, didn’t yesterday and from the saw dust and people tracking in, it needed a good cleaning. Vacuuming, laundry is all done and dished.

There is exactly one month till my birthday February 17 and 2 months till my dads March 17th. And my birthday is on a Friday, I think Mike Is taking it off, he usually does. I should be thinking about what to make for dinner, mind is blank though. Mike needs me so off I go.

wedding picture

I have been trying to get Photo bucket to work for me & I think I got one wedding picture to post.

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